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Access Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is powerful MS Access fix software for any version of not openable MDB file. Get its installation file and evaluate how to fix Access file error on any PC regardless other provisions, including file size, its version, hardware in use and operating system. This program allows recovering MDB files in any environment so there are no compatibility problems, users may download program to fix file Access and follow all guidelines by default because there are no additional settings that should be changed.

How to Fix Access File Error?

Access Fix Toolbox automatically identifies corrupted items and applies necessary algorithms.

Access Error 3197 Fix

It suggests the following:

  • offers Access error 3197 fix and automatically recovers any other error regardless its reason;
  • provides intelligent Access fix tool Microsoft to ensure the safety of analysis and avoid the usage of external services during this process;
  • fix Acces 2007 software does not imply the modification of original document so it absolutely excludes any risk during the analysis of MDB databases;
  • represents step by step guidelines for MDB file restoration and previewing corrupted items, stored in MS Access documents;
  • offers the detailed description of Microsoft Access restoration with screenshots that can be used to reproduce the overall procedure even by inexperienced users;
  • evaluates the state of repaired document as soon as the processing is completed, the registration of Access Fix Toolbox is not needed;

The software team development of Access Fix Toolbox is distributed under its own license that does not belong to GNU General Public License (GPL) or something like that. Despite it is not freeware, free version of Access Fix Toolbox is opened to anyone. Please note Access Fix Toolbox is not open source program or free software so you should donate to the professional team development of to remove all limitations and keep on using this program for as long as you need

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Other capabilities:

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